Special Occasions

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Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star Cake
Baby Girl Bootie Cake
Zebra Print Baby Belly
Purple Flower Baptism Cake
Communion Cross Cake
God Bless Baptism Cake
Boy Booty Christening Cake
Jungle Theme Shower Cake
Tea Party Shower Cake
Bubble Bath Baby Shower
Boy Baby Shower Cake
Baby Bath Tub Cake
Graduation Cake
Graduation Wilfrid Laurier
Cupids Arrow Engagement cake
Mustache Chevron Shower Cake
Baby Baptism Cake
Baptism Bible Cake
Precious Moments First Communion
Areni Christening
Gold Bless Ava
Boy Bible Baptism
Boy Baptism Cake
Blue Baby Carriage
Roses and Rattles
It's a Girl Baby Shower
Sleeping Baby Shower Cake
Easter Cake
Precious Moments Baptism Cake
Summer Flower Cake
Pillow Cake with Cupcakes
Communion Cupcakes
Doctor Cake
Baby Carriage Cake
Baby Bootie Cake
Tiffany Blue Cross
Communion Cross Cake
White Dove Communion Cake
Percious Moments Communion Cake
Baptisim Cross Cake
Nutcracker Cupcakes
Butterflies & Pearls
Fathers Day Diabetic cake
Johnson Matthey Gold Bar Cake
First Communion Cake
Canada Day Cake
Fox Group Corporate Cake
Bible Cake Conformation
Lindor Chocolate Heart Cake
Baby Girl Shower Cake
Baby Surprise
Boy Baby Shower Cake
Merry Christmas
Butterflies & Hearts
Hello Mummy
MSB Teachers Appreciation
Royal Lepage Christmas
Baby Rattles & Bows
Golf Cake for Fathers day
Christmas Present
Coors Light
Baby Shower
Butterfly Baptism